Games are an extremely efficient tool in foreign vocabulary learning.

They can be used to introduce and repeat the new vocabulary in a motivating way, as well to play all kinds of word learning games. Visual stimulation improves the learner’s curiosity attention span and memory.

foreign language learning games

By addressing the child’s need for self-affirmation, the games helps develop their competitive spirit in the most positive way – learning!

When it comes to early language learning, we always like to point out that the most important benefit of introducing a new language to a child is FUN! And what’s more fun than games?

That’s why we couldn’t wait any longer to introduce our new set of flashcards for every topic of the course and make them available to DOWNLOAD:


They include a picture and text card for every word we’ll learn in the course. Single cards can be cut out for all kinds of matching activities or you can glue the front and back side together to use in vocabulary learning and guessing games.


The pictures and words on the cards are outlined for extra coloring fun and writing practice.

You can take a look at the preview for each language here:


spanish-vocabulary-flashcards french-vocabulary-flashcards esl-vocabulary-flashcards
german-vocabulary-flashcards russian-vocabulary-flashcards chinese-vocabulary-flashcards


The complete set of flashcards is available when you subscribe to the online course.