Russian for Kids PetraLingua® Russian Learning Set with DVDs, CDs, Books, Songs and Games

With the complete PetraLingua® Russian for kids set your kids are now able to enjoy our colorful Russian learning videos on DVD, listen to all the songs from the course on CD and practice what they have learned with their Russian activity books!

Plus! PLUS! Also, we are offering you an exceptional possibility to combine your PetraLingua® multimedia Russian learning set with the course contents that are available online!

By purchasing the complete PetraLingua® multimedia Russian learning set, you get a year access to the PetraLingua® online course as well!


Important notice:

Don't forget that you can choose the language of the parent's guide brochure and activity book instructions!

Animated Russian Video DVD

The PetraLingua® multimedia Russian course for children consists of 21 everyday lessons.

You can see the list of lessons here.

Each lesson includes an introductory video followed by a revision version to repeat the words and sentences spoken by a native speaker in the video.

A large number of lessons include animated vocabulary songs composed to repeat and practice the vocabulary from the lesson. Each song is followed by the instrumental version.

Audio CD with songs

All the Russian Songs from the course are recorded on a separate audio CD as well.

Russian Activity Book with audio CD

The Activity Book includes all the topics covered by the PetraLingua® Russian course and gives your children a great opportunity to practice their reading and writing skills.

Furthermore, to focus on their listening skills as well, the activity book includes a large number of Russian listening exercises, recorded on audio CD.

Wuffy Dog Hand Puppet

The kids will sure be happy to recognize the puppy from the language videos.

Our Wuffy hand puppet is not only a cute toy, but also a wonderful teaching tool that can be used in the classroom and at home.

Learning through play is fundamental to our children’s education. Puppets provide a creative learning structure for language students, encouraging them to explore language in a safe way.

By stimulating the children’s imagination, creative play and discovery, the puppets encourage speech and language development.

Even the children who are shy about speaking in a new language will easily relate to the puppet and feel free to start talking and express their thoughts.

The hand puppet can be used to introduce new vocabulary and sentence structures, repeat the knowledge, tell stories, sing songs, play games or act out dialogues.

PetraLingua® Parent's Guide Brochure

The parent's guide brochure gives you detailed information about the PetraLingua® multimedia Russian course and practical guidelines on how to learn a new language with your child.

Your PetraLingua® ID Card

By purchasing the complete PetraLingua® multimedia Russian learning kit you get a year access to all the interactive activities that are available online.

Apart from the videos and songs from your Russian set, the PetraLingua® online Russian course includes a set of various interactive Russian exercises and a talking picture dictionary for each lesson.

Practice new vocabulary by playing a card game – with Wuffy!

PetraLingua picture cards offer a fun and easy way to practice new vocabulary.

Audiovisual dictionary on DVD

The set includes a separate DVD with the talking picture dictionary, so the kids will be able to watch it on TV, without using the computer or accessing the Internet. It is especially suitable for smaller children, who already know how to use the DVD remote control.